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What Our Customers Have to Say

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Student (age 5)

“I want to go home and do MORE Jolly Phonics! I want to do Jolly Phonics all the way until dinner!

– Student (age 5)

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Elizabeth Robins, Ed.D

Do thank Jennie for her comprehensive, articulate and well-paced overview of the Jolly Phonics program. It is impressive that the program, created by Sue Lloyd in 1992, is still ahead of the curve in its effectiveness and resource materials all these decades later. 

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Carrie Carter (Gray, Maine)

I have never seen this kind of understanding in all the years I have taught young readers.

I am amazed with the progress and growth.

Thank you so much for inspiring me to love to teach reading and writing and for having a lively, appropriate program that children can’t wait to use.

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Juanita DeWitt (retired teacher, Portland, Maine)

I am seeing amazing results. The children are highly engaged, making great progress, and enjoying themselves as they learn.
I want to thank you for introducing me to the Jolly Phonics program, for providing me with support and guidance and for sharing my passion for evidence-based phonics instruction.

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Shirley Dempsey (Windham, Maine)

This training is the best PD I have connected so much with in a long time. Throughout the training, I could picture which students would benefit from it and how I would use it effectively.

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