After teaching secondary school English for 43 years, I recently retired and took on a “Can you help my 6-year-old reluctant-reader with her reading confidence?” tutoring challenge.  It took about ten minutes for that feisty first grader to convince me that I was way out of my league.

But Jennie Smith-Brock introduced me to the “Jolly Phonics” philosophy and protocols, and encouraged me to ask follow-up questions as they arose.  Her intro’ webinar was enormously helpful, as were the few subsequent consults/conversations that followed.  The inexpensive and engaging “Jolly Phonics”-sequenced readers were a life-saver.  Clearly, the measurable progress they afforded gave a much-needed boost to my young student and to her crusty teacher, each.  Jennie was the competent, patient, sensible, no-nonsense tutor that I myself needed.  I whole-heartedly recommend both Jennie and her approach.

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