Liza B, Parent (Portland, Maine)

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THANK YOU for showing me how to be a teacher. You are one of the best I’ve ever known or experienced (and I wouldn’t just give that away!) and you came into my life at a most serendipitous time. I can’t overstate the relief of finding someone who has such thorough knowledge of phonics and the ability to instruct both me and my son so fluently and responsively. It turned what felt like a very discouraging and bewildering situation into an adventure that has been exciting and joyful. I truly cherish it and have immense gratitude to you and for you. Amusingly, one of the more significant measures of his ability to decode is listening to him read from a book about Pokemon characters who have lots of made up names like, “Bulbasaur,” “Charmeleon,” Squirtle,” and “Wartortle” that he is sounding out with ease and accuracy.

Katy McCormac, Literacy Specialist (China, Maine)

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Children are excited to write and have progressed greatly. It has given the [kindergarten] students confidence and provides the scope and sequence and multi-sensory experience to advance their phonic knowledge way beyond CVC patterns. Children are willing to take risks with multi-syllable words and write with great stamina! This is such an easy-to-implement and most affordable program.

Kelly Rich, Teacher (Windham, Maine)

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We are seeing AMAZING results at the primary school. It is so exciting! In my 36 years of teaching, Jolly Phonics is the program that has had the MOST impact for students.

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