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Jolly Phonics

● Utterly engaging for the children
● Covers 42 sounds of English, not just the sounds of the alphabet
● Whole-class teaching
● Seamlessly incorporates handwriting and spelling, alongside reading
● Removes barriers to children’s love of reading and writing
● Proven effective with students of all backgrounds, including low SES and ELL
● Uncomplicated training of teachers

Webinar: You Too Can Teach a Child to Read and Spell, with Jolly Phonics

This webinar is specifically designed for: Parents, Caregivers, & Tutors of students aged 5-8

When: Saturday December 12, 2020 

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. ET 

Cost: $40. Registration required.  Please email Jennie at smithbrockphonics@gmail.com to get an invoice emailed to you.

Are you worried that your child does the following?:

  • Guesses words when reading instead of using the letters to figure the words out?
  • Looks at the pictures or at the adult for clues to determine what a word is?
  • Knows a number of “sight words,” but struggles to sound out simple, unfamiliar words like “rut” or “marsh” or “capital”?
  • Struggles with spelling, sometimes missing sounds or putting them in the wrong order?
  • Writes with just capital letters and/or rather illegibly?
  • Lacks self-confidence, because peers seem to be “getting it” more easily?

There are lots of phonics programs, but  Jolly Phonics is especially effective, fun, and easy-to-implement:

  • Jolly Phonics is the program: simple, inexpensive, effective, & validated by empirical research.
  • UK-style synthetic phonics is the methodology. 
  • Jennie Smith-Brock is the experienced, highly-regarded trainer.  I have trained teachers, school administrators, and parents across northern New England, including individuals at the Maine Department of Education who then coached staff in eleven schools implementing Jolly Phonics as part of a federally-funded grant program.

Note: Jolly Phonics can be taught virtually! This is great for grandparents, aunts, or uncles.

We will cover enough about the whys and hows of teaching Jolly Phonics for you to be able to start right away.

  • Introducing and reviewing the letter-sounds
  • Blending sounds for word reading
  • Letter formation
  • Segmenting words for spelling
  • Dictation
  • Teaching words with tricky parts



Testimonials from parents and teachers:

I truly cannot thank you enough for the amazing resources and information you’ve shared.  The program is going so well. We truly look forward to it each day.  Thank you so, so much!

-Caroline Councell, parent

We are seeing AMAZING results at the primary school. It is so exciting! In my 36 years of teaching, Jolly Phonics is the program that has had the MOST impact for students.

-Kelly Rich, educator at Windham Primary School (Maine)

The feedback from teachers about the Jolly Phonics workshops from Smith-Brock Phonics continues to be amazing.

-Stephanie Philips, Director of Curriculum, Burlington Public Schools (Vermont)

In response to the question “What is your favorite part of Kindergarten?” many students responded “Jolly Phonics.”  The children love singing the songs and teaching family members about the letter sounds they have learned. 

– Juanita DeWitt, teacher (now retired), Portland Public Schools (Maine)

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Jolly Phonics

For the pre-K, Kindergarten, or 1st grade general education classroom,  Jolly Phonics drastically reduces the need for intervention or Special Education services for reading or writing. It is effective for RTI and Special Education, as well as for homeschoolers. Jolly Phonics has completely transformed the trajectory of children’s learning in schools in the United States and around the world. With its actions, stories, and songs for each of the 42 sounds of English, and its engaging blending and spelling activities, Jolly Phonics provides remarkable tools for children’s memory and understanding of the English writing system.

Discover Jolly Phonics, beloved by children, teachers, and parents around the globe.

Discover the multi-sensory method that virtually eliminates the “at-great-risk” category and significantly increases the numbers of students performing above grade-level.

Discover what you’ve been missing.