Fabulous phonics e-books

All 107 Jolly Phonics e-readers are free, through May 2021! You can view and download: The brand new Little Words books, the Orange Readers, and the four levels of Jolly Readers (Red, Yellow, Green, & Blue). Click here: View and download the Jolly e-books The Jolly readers are high quality: They encourage decoding, have great story lines & […]

When Percentages Fail Us

Percentages fail us when we see that 80% of our students are proficient readers (Hey, a “B-” is pretty good!) and do not realize that means that 1 in every 5 students is not a proficient reader (We need to do much better!). Percentages fail us when we see that a student is 96% accurate […]

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Synthetic Phonics Accelerates Reading & Writing in Young Students

Originally published on September 27, 2018 @ www.landmark360.org It’s day eight of kindergarten in a public school in New England and the students are putting out their arms like the wings of airplanes ” /nnnnnnnnn/,” whisking ants off their arms ” /aaaaa/,” and puffing out candles (their fingers) “Nap!,” call out some of the skilled […]