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Jennie Smith-Brock is an independent phonics trainer and consultant, as well as a Special Education teacher. She promotes systematic, synthetic phonics teaching,  the most effective approach to the teaching of reading to beginners and older strugglers. Jennie trains teachers in Jolly Phonics and Corrective Reading. She is a member of the advisory board of Reading Matters to Maine. Jennie was formerly Director of the SMART Learning Lab at the University of Southern Maine, an after-school reading clinic for elementary school students. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in Classical Studies from Brown University and a master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Southern Maine.

Jolly Phonics

● Utterly engaging for the children
● Covers 42 sounds of English, not just the sounds of the alphabet
● Whole-class teaching
● Seamlessly incorporates handwriting and spelling, alongside reading
● Removes barriers to children’s love of reading and writing
● Proven effective with students of all backgrounds, including low SES and ELL
● Uncomplicated training of teachers